Artist re-imagines Disney princes as real life hunks

Disney princes will always hold a special place in our hearts - after all, they're some of the very first men we developed crushes on (yes we KNOW they were cartoons but childhood is a confusing time, K?). Now, the supremely talented Jirka Väätäinen, an artist and graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia, has fulfilled those youthful fantasies... His incredible images, currently available on his website and first picked up by Buzzfeed, re-imagine all our favourite men of Disney as real life hunks - and we don't think real men will ever be able to live up to our expectations ever again. Check out the very best Disney dishes below... We wouldn't turn down the kiss of life from Sleeping Beauty's Prince Philip... diseny 15 disney 2 We'd slip into whatever Cinderella's Prince Charming wanted us to... disney 12 disney 8 Vines wouldn't be the only thing we'd be swinging on with Tarzan... disney 11 disney1 Pochahontas' John Smith has been painted with all the colours of the wind... john smith disney 6 We've got something for Aladdin to rub... disney 9 disney 7 Turns out the Oracle from Hercules wasn't wrong... disney 16 disney 3 oracle "Darling it's better, down where it's wetter" didn't cha know, The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric? disney 13 disney 4 We hope there's still a bit of animal left in Beauty and the Beast's Prince John... disney 14 disney 5 snow white Honestly, we don't think we are. Make sure you check out more of Jirka's incredible artwork over at his website,, where he's even re-imagined all of Disney's princesses too (wonderful though they are, for some reason we're slightly less interested in them). Meanwhile, our very own former cover star Pietro Boselli was recently turned into a Disney Prince by Portis Wasp - check out their cheeky new images here. Brb, we're just off to drain the all the toner in the Attitude HQ printers... More stories: Watch: Omar Sharif Jnr. discusses being gay on Arabic TV Calvin Klein feature same-sex couples in new ‘sexting’ ad campaign