Asylum seeker says the UK Home Office are 'putting people through hell' because they don't believe their sexual orientation

Abderrahim El Habachi fled Morocco two years ago and found asylum in the UK


Words: Steve Brown

An asylum seeker who fled Morocco after fearing for his life says the UK Home Office are ‘putting people through hell’ because they don’t believe their sexual orientation.

Abderrahim El Habachi fled his home country two years ago and found asylum in the UK after he faced violent threats and imprisonment because of his sexuality.

Despite claiming that he would face discrimination if he was sent home, he says his concerns were not taken seriously by the UK Home Office.

While speaking to ITV News, he said: “There are a huge community coming to Wales to live their life in an authentic way, especially the LGBT community. I am one of them.

“The Home Office are putting people through hell because they don’t believe their sexual orientation or the struggles we are facing in our countries.

“When we come here we have a lot of dreams and we are following that rainbow but somehow the rainbow is stripped from us.

“We need allies to help us accomplish that dream.’’

According to a statement provided to ITV News, a spokesperson for the Home Office – who faced backlash for changing their logo to feature the rainbow colours during Pride month – said: “The UK has a proud record of providing protection for asylum seekers fleeing persecution because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Each case is considered on its individual merits and all decisions on claims based on sexual orientation are reviewed by experienced caseworkers.”

Abderrahim is just one asylum seeker who fled their country out of fear that their lives are in danger due to their sexuality.

Attitude Pride Award winner Kenneth Macharia is another man facing deportation back to Kenya despite claiming he would be imprisoned because of his sexuality.