Attitude Film Award, supported by Virgin Atlantic: Taron Egerton for 'Rocketman'

The Welsh actor played Sir Elton John with a palpable sense of respect for the LGBTQ community.


Taron Egerton has been honoured with the Film Award, supported by Virgin Atlantic, for his role in Rocketman at the Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards 2019, powered by Jaguar.

The Welsh actor, 29, won international acclaim for his portrayal of queer icon Sir Elton John in the Dexter Fletcher-directed movie biopic, which made history as the first film financed by a major studio to depict a sex scene between two male characters.

But while Taron won critics and audiences over with his no-holds-barred portrayal of Sir Elton's darker years, taking on the role of the beloved singer was no vanity project.

Speaking to Attitude earlier this year, Taron opened up about the responsibility he felt to do justice not only to Elton's story, but to the wider LGBTQ community.

“I would not have played this character if: one, I wasn’t allowed to show Elton being a nightmare, because he has been; two, if we weren’t able to explore his drink-and-drug addiction because I don’t think you can tell a story without it," he explained.


Taron Egerton, shot by Damon Baker at ADB Agency exclusively for Attitude's June issue

"And three, if I didn’t think we could make a film that the gay community would watch and feel a sense of ownership over."

He added: "What right do I have to play Elton John if I am not going to go to the same lengths to portray a gay relationship as a gay actor would?"

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