Attitude Legend Award: Revolutionary designer Alexander McQueen

There is no disputing that Alexander McQueen is a bona fide legend and icon of fashion. There are not enough superlatives to describe the late designer. His influence on fashion transcends the industry he dominated, seeping into the realms of art, celebrity, provocation and creating a wealth of urban myths that still swirl around him. In short he created magic. From Gaga's armadillo hills to Britney's 'bumster' jeans, the late designer's legacy continues to be felt five years after his untimely death. A raw nerve of pulsing talent, he achieved over a decade of provocative art through the medium of fashion. A tortured genius who kept his very personal struggles sadly hidden, his tragic death on 11th February 2010 robbed the world of one of its most exciting and provocative visual artists who seemed to be still on an upward trajectory. The world is unlikely to see talent like his again, and for the 2015 Attitude Awards in association with Virgin Holidays, we're rightly honoured to bestow the Attitude Legend Award 2015 on the late designer: one of the most visionary and influential gay artists of all time. ALEXANDA 72dpi You can read our full feature on McQueen in the special Awards Issue of Attitude, out in shops tomorrow (Thursday October 15), and available to download from from 11pm tonight (October 14).  Attitude Awards Logo