Attitude Music Award / International Album: Adam Lambert

LA NEWAdam Lambert hit the spotlight in American Idol’s eighth season. His second album hit the Number 1 spot in the USA, making him the first openly gay man to top the Billboard chart. This year he completed his tour with Queen, adding his powerhouse vocals to those legendary Freddie Mercury hits, and released his latest acclaimed album, The Original High. When told that Attitude is giving him the coveted Music Award / International Album Award - supported by the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Tourism Board - Adam Lambert yelps with delight. “Wow!” he yells down the phone from his Los Angeles home. “That’s a tall compliment there. I feel very honoured.” Adam deserves it. Not only is he an out gay pop star who champions LGBT causes, he’s also a singer with an epic voice – good enough, in fact, to fill the boots of the legendary Freddie Mercury. His fantastic new album, The Original High, mixes pop, rock, dance and electro to dazzling effect. HARG0230ADJ It’s no wonder the UK gay community has embraced 33-year-old Lambert, who has guest starred on Glee, got to ring in the New Year with a BBC-broadcasted Queen concert and who has a flamboyant style that’s impossible to ignore. “I still feel like we’re getting to know each other, which is wonderful,” the American Idol runner-up says of winning the heart of the UK’s gay community. “It’s like the beginning of a relationship, like the honeymoon phase between me and the gay scene in the UK. I’ve been out and about here and there and I have friends in the UK, but I think I need to dive in deeper.” Dive on in, Adam. In the meantime, we're thrilled to give you our Music Award / International Album. You can read our full interview with Adam - plus features on all our winners at the Attitude Awards, in association with Virgin Holidays - in our new issue, available to download from 11pm tonight (October 14) and in shops tomorrow.   ADAM 72dpi AND we've got a special collectible Adam cover for this issue (above) - but the only place to get your hands on a copy is by ordering it through; it won't be available in shops or anywhere else! While stocks last, so get in quick.  Attitude Awards Logo