Attitude's Honourary Gay Award: Geri Horner

A Spice Girl who sings about raining men, once arrived at London's G-A-Y on horseback for no discernible reason and who gets the LGBT community and our struggles, Geri Horner (née Halliwell) is as close to being a gay man as it's possible to be - we're thrilled to bestow upon her that most prestigious of awards: Honourary Gay. "I am so honoured", Geri says. "I'm incredibly flattered to be included. You've always been such support through the ups and downs, which I am touched by. I value the gay fans' loyalty so much, thank you." As a solo artist Geri truly embraced her camp credentials - pink-haired dancers, inflatable vaginas - but did she always feel at home among the LGBT+ community? "Always," she replies. "The community is always so welcoming, liberal, kind, glamorous yet vulnerable, and has such great humour, the self-deprecation. I felt kinship always. "Gay culture comes with its own pressures. I've spoken intimately with many gay men, how they feel so much pressure to look a certain way and long for a monogamous relationship. We are more alike than we are different". Geri Horner was presented with her award by Emma Bunton at tonight's star-studded Attitude Awards ceremony at London's 8 Northumberland Avenue, hosted by Alan Cumming. Read more from Geri and the rest of winners from the Attitude Awards 2016, presented in association with Virgin Holidays, in our special November issue, which comes with six different covers featuring some of the night's biggest winners. It's available to download from 11pm tonight (October 10th) at and available in shops from Wednesday (October 12). You can order the cover of your choice from 10am on Tuesday (October 11) at   logo-768x377-1