Attitude's Matthew Todd discusses homophobia and new book on ITV's Lorraine

Attitude's very own Matthew Todd appeared on Lorraine at ITV this morning (June 15) to speak out against homophobia after Sunday's atrocity in Orlando, Florida, which saw 49 people die after gunman Omar Mateen opened fire on crowds at a packed gay nightclub. Matthew sat down with host Lorraine Kelly to discuss how homophobia being left to permeate through society leads directly to danger, with Matthew keen to get across that tackling hate is the responsibility of everyone, not just the LGBT community. "These atrocities don't appear from nowhere. They snowball from prejudices and hate - often in the classroom," he told viewers. "Every day, LGBT people face violence and are killed. We live in a cruel and unkind society. We need to be kinder to each other. "This form of bullying is seen as an LGBT issue - but most people who are gay have straight parents. So if you have a child, ask yourself what are you doing to help?" The award-winning journalist and author asks parents to write to schools asking what they are doing to tackle homophobic bullying, and opened up about his own struggles with his sexuality. He spoke candidly about how his struggle to accept his homosexuality in a world which condemns same-sex relationships led to alcoholism and depression, but also about how he is in recovery, instilling hope to those who are still suffering. "For a long time, so much homophobia and negativity has been thrown our way; we've been told it's a mental illness and eventually we'll end up suicidal," he explained. "The gay rights movement is trying to show people you can be gay and happy." Source: inclusivemedia Matthew Todd's new book, Straight Jacket: How to be Gay and Happy Such is Matthew's depth of knowledge of the LGBT struggle, he has written an excoriating book, Straight Jacket: How to be Gay and Happy, which delves into contemporary gay culture to address a plethora of issues gay people continue to face in 2016. The book, which is published tomorrow (June 16) by Bantam Press, is described as 'part memoir, part polemic', and covers topics ranging from depression and suicide to addiction and relationships. Matthew's eight years at the helm of Attitude comes to end with our new July Issue, but he leaves on a high with yet another ground-breaking first: a thought-provoking feature feature on LGBT bullying and mental health with Prince William, who becomes the first member of the British Royal Family to appear on the cover of an LGBT publication. Matthew will remain closely linked to Attitude as the magazine's Editorial Director, and we all look forward to seeing what he gets up to next. He will begin his book tour upon publication. Straight Jacket: How to be Gay is released tomorrow, so be sure to get your copy here.   More stories: From shootings to suicide: Why homophobia remains as deadly as ever Making history: Prince William appears on the cover of Attitude