Austin bomber had a secret Grindr profile despite saying homosexuality was not natural

Police claim Mark Anthony Conditt struggled with his sexuality and faith


The Austin bomber who killed himself after a three-week bombing spree struggled with his sexuality.

Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, terrorised the Texas state capital with a series of package bombs which killed two and wounded at least five others but new details of his personal life have emerged.

It is believed he was raised in a devout Christian home but later told his family that he no longer had any faith.

Police also found evidence suggesting he could have been gay as he had a secret Grindr profile according to KVUE.

At the age of 17, Conditt wrote that homosexuality was “not natural” referring to his religious home and school education.

At the moment, the motive behind his killings has not been identified but police hope the investigation into his background could help.

He killed himself back in March while inside his SUV surrounded by police. He was tracked down using store surveillance videos, mobile signals and witness accounts.

Conditt – who killed himself by detonating a make-shift bomb – left a 28-minute audio confession recording on his mobile.