Australian LGBT radio station evacuated after bomb scare

An Australian LGBT community radio station was forced to evacuate its studios on yesterday (September 20) following a bomb threat. Melbourne's JOY 94.9 FM staff underwent emergency evacuation procedures after staff received a threatening email shortly before 8.30pm as a programme for show for trans and gender-diverse youth aired. Victoria Police conducted a search of the building before declaring it safe, SBS reports. JOY is a sister station to the UK's popular Gaydio station and has close links with Attitude. In a joint statement, JOY's chief executive Tennille Moisel and president Jed Gilbert insisted the station would not be silenced by threat to staff. "This threat last night highlights the damage that can be done through a divisive public debate about our community's aspiration to be equal members of society," they said. "JOY will now remain on a heightened security alert, however, we will continue to remain open and producing great radio." They added that security measures had been tightened in the wake of June's Orlando nightclub shooting, but reiterated the growing criticism that Australia's planned plebiscite on equal marriage is likely to bring hostility against vulnerable LGBT communities out into the open. The news comes eas outrage grows over a cartoon published by an Australian newspaper depicting LGBT people as Nazi soldiers ahead of the vote.
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