Australian same-sex marriage supporter targeted with anti-gay note: 'I hope your kids get AIDS'

An Australian mother has been targeted for flying a rainbow flag in support of same-sex marriage. As Australia's equal marriage survey is currently underway, Bec Spiteri decided to show her support for the campaign by flying a rainbow flag at her home in Melbourne. After the mother of two put the flag up, she received a homophobic letter from an anonymous person that made threats against her children. In red capital letters, the anti-gay note read: "You feral scum pushing disease on our children of the future Albion scum I'll give u a yes same sex scum (sp)". The letter added: "I know your house I hope your kids get AIDS and bashed". After receiving the letter, Spiteri told the Daily Mail that she was fearful for the safety of her children, and expressed anger that she had been targeted for her opinion. "This is absolutely a legitimate attack on me, a straight ally, who happens to be flying some rainbow flags. I have no issue with people having an opposing opinion to mine. As long as they express that view respectfully." She added: "This is not respectful. This is a threat. And I will not tolerate my children being threatened." Soon after the incident, she informed police and handed over CCTV footage showing the letter-writer riding up to her home on a bike and slipping the message into her mailbox before kicking her bin. "Whoever it was is irrational and uninformed. I'd say he's done his worst, but I wasn't going to leave it to chance, which is why I contacted the police. I have many LGBTQI friends who are so afraid and upset by this vote. How dare anyone's relationship be put out for public scrutiny." Despite the threatening letter, Spiteri refuses to be intimidated by opponents of equal marriage and will not be taking the rainbow flag down. The controversial poll has already divided the country’s national rugby team, as well as the country a whole. Anti-gay marriage supporters held a Straight Lives Matter rally, though almost no one turned up. Meanwhile, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has been forced to apologise after one voter noticed an ‘offensive’ word on his friend’s postal vote barcode. Many Aussie stars such as Liam and older brother Chris HemsworthHugh Jackman as well as Kylie and Dannii Minogue have come out in support of the ‘Vote Yes’ campaign. The result of Australia’s poll is set to be announced on November 15. More stories: Male sports stars strip naked for Dieux du Stade 2018 calendar This gay couple have been together since before homosexuality was decriminalised