Award-winning LGBT short film to be developed into TV series

The rights for 'Trophy Boy' have been bought by distribution company Dynamic Television


Words: Steve Brown

An award-winning LGBT short film is being developed into a TV series.

The hit film Trophy Boy – which follows the fall of an insufferable gay Instagram ‘influencer’ after being dumped by his sugar daddy – was produced by and starred Emrhys Cooper and was critically acclaimed at Cannes Film Festival.

And now, distribution company Dynamic Television have announced they will be developing a new series after acquiring the rights.

Titled Trophy Boys, the series will follow the lives of a group of social media stars who are all connected as they struggle to maintain their carefully crafted #bestlife personas.

Holly Hines, the senior vice president of Original Content for Dynamic, said in statement: “We were immediately drawn by the unique way Emrhys explores social media and the repercussions of using it to determine your own self-worth.

“It touches a nerve in all of us while doing so with humour and heart. We are thrilled to bring it to television.”

Cooper added: “I’m truly delighted to partner with Dynamic Television to make the world of Trophy Boys come to life.

“In the age of social media, it’s easy to get lost in the false world of online avatars we create for ourselves.

“With this series, we hope to pull back the curtain and show the day-to-day struggles of these ‘influencers’.

“Sometimes we all need a reminder that all that glitter isn’t gold.”

Watch Trophy Boy below:

Trophy Boy (short film) from EmCo Entertainment on Vimeo.