Bake Off's David Atherton shares the sexual badge he tried wear into the tent before it was 'spotted'

"I got it into the tent, but..."


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Twitter/@nomadbakerdavid

Great British Bake Off star David Atherton has revealed he tried to wear an 'I love anal' badge on the beloved cookery programme.

For a show that trades in double entendre, this would have been wonderfully direct!

The baker won Bake Off 2019 and won legions of fans for the LGBTQ representation he brought by introducing his partner Nik on-screen.

"It was spotted"

"Just remembering the time I tried to get away with wearing this badge on Bake Off," the star said on Twitter yesterday. 

"I got it into the tent, but then it was spotted."

And to think - this was Channel 4 and not the BBC!

In 2019, David told Attitude of his relationship with Nik: "I came out when I was 29; my family is quite religious, and Nik was brought up in Bulgaria, which is a very homophobic country. Growing up as queer in that environment was not easy.

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“The show made us look so comfortable together but Nik’s the first partner who I’ve introduced my family."

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