Banana hottie Dino Fetscher on coming out and being a gay actor

If you’ve just been watching Banana, then you probably want to know everything you can about Dino Fetscher, the drop dead gorgeous guy who played the sexy but wicked Aiden. And your wish is our command. Here, in part two of our exclusive interview (read part one here) Dino exclusively opens up about his big break, coming out and why he’s happy to be a gay role model. So Dino, introduce yourself... Hi, I’m Dino. I’ve come from sunny Wales - Cardiff to be precise – son to a German Mum and a half-Welsh, half-Basque Dad. I’m an actor. Definitely a glass is half full kind of guy. I’m pretty relaxed and low maintenance. People have said I remind them of Tom Hanks in ‘Big’. I try not to take life too seriously. 7423 B&W What made you get into acting? I have always loved stories, since as far back as I can remember. I was obsessed with ‘Hocus Pocus’ when I was in year three register in the reading corner and demonstrated how to turn Courtney Hamilton into a cat. I just loved to be up in front of people and grabbing their attention. For me there is nothing more exciting than telling a story. There is something very special about being moved or inspired by seeing a film, a play or a TV series. I guess as a kid my biggest inspiration was Roald Dahl. I just love his stories, how intricate, hilarious and dark they are. But acting wise… I used to want to be Patrick Swayze in ‘Dirty Dancing’ because he was so cool and mysterious, ha-ha. Now, I have a plethora of constantly changing inspirations ranging from old school heroes like Sir Ian McKellen to Lena Dunham. Oh and I am in love with Emma Thompson. You're an openly gay guy - were you ever advised not to be so open? Yes, I have been. I think that the general perception/fear amongst actors, even now, is that if you are openly gay then your career options are limited. I think that this was much more the case, say 10 years ago, as opposed to today. Just look at the number of high profile actors that are openly gay and doing amazing work at the moment; Zachary Quinto, Ellen Page, Neil Patrick Harris for example. I feel a great responsibility to be honest about myself, and have the courage to stand up and be who I am, to hopefully help change things even more. If that means I might miss out on certain roles then so be it. I believe choosing to conceal an element of your life like that sends out such a negative message; there are people killing themselves over this. For me, there is an obligation to think about the potential consequences of my actions. It’s only an issue because we make it so; people need to stop concerning themselves with actor’s private lives. It has no effect on how I do my job so why is it an issue? I want to be cast on my ability and suitability to the role not for whom I happen to fall in love with. Dustin Lance Black says that Hollywood is more welcoming to gay actors - do you think it’s easier for gay guys to get acting work these days? I think the world has come so far in the last few decades, and it is most certainly easier in many respects, but it’s important we don’t become complacent. Discrimination now lives in such a subtle form it’s very difficult to combat. Everything is changing nowadays; the ‘gay stereotype’ is almost entirely redundant, you just need to go to east London and look at how camp all the straight hipsters are. I hate stereotypes and I’m glad they are changing. One of my biggest dislikes is when people feel the need to try and put you into a little box; sealed and neatly labelled, so the more people fuck with perceptions the better, I say. 7530BW You're a good looking guy - do you think people treat you different because of your looks? Shucks, thank you. I hate this kind of question because it implies that's what I think of myself. It feels arrogant for me to say that I am 'good looking'. I have modelled and I am seen for roles described as 'good looking' or 'handsome' so I am aware, but not in an up-my-own-arse kind of way if that makes sense? I guess I would say that how I look definitely has it’s positives but it can also work against me; people are quick to judge and make an assumption that I will be self-assured or cocky when I in reality I am so far from that. When you were a teen and about to come out, was it an easy process. Any bad reactions? I was really lucky; my whole family were all totally fine. 7504B&W Who was your teen crush? A guy in my year. My little brother’s was Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, his is way better. Who was the first person you told? My best friend from home, Goose. She didn’t believe me for a while. What’s your ideal night out? My ideal night out would be me and my close friends having a lush dinner, and then going out to a few bars. That, or X Factor and red wine. I have to be in a specific mood to go clubbing. See more pics and interview with Dino in aTEEN and our NAKED Issue, both of which can be downloaded here. 7576B&W