Basketball bros post Britney dubsmash video... with a very happy ending

Dubsmash - the mobile app that allows users to create short selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds - really is hours of fun. A multitude of celebs have joined the craze in recent months - everyone from Hugh Jackman to Tom Hardy, from Reese Witherspoon to Anna Kendrick posting short videos miming to their favourite songs. However, we think this just might be our favourite Dubsmash video to date. Take two ruggedly handsome, bearded bros - both clad in baseball caps and basketball singlets. Add in one of Britney's sexiest songs (the thumping Breathe On Me, from 2003's In The Zone). Wait until the immortal line "Just put your lips together... and blow." Stir both ingredients for a VERY unexpected finish: [fbvideo link="" width="500" height="400" onlyvideo="1"] Oh my. Who are these guys? Can they please re-enact this video to the tune of more Britney classics? Answers on the back of a postcard, please. More stories: Tommy Hilfiger debuts another hot Rafael Nadal video Chinese censors approve first-ever gay movie