Being bisexual means you're greedy, right?

So if you’re bisexual it’s because you are yet to find the right ‘dick’, yeah?  You’re doing it for attention and you just haven’t made up your mind yet. No? Sadly, these you don't have to stray to far to hear things like this said by both straight and gay people alike. A new BBC Three video speaks to bisexual people and highlights things they hear far to often - and unfortunately, much of it comes from people within the LGBT community. The video takes a light hearted approach on bi-phobic comments, but on a serious note, reminds viewers that while it might straddles the sexes, bisexuality is as solid a sexuality as any other. Watch the video below: Words: James Jefferson More stories: This German TV advert has a moving gay twist Gus Kenworthy says he’s fallen ‘head over heels’ for boyfriend Matthew Wilkas