Belstaff launches new concept store in Spitalfields

Belstaff has a new community feel to its revamped East End Store


Belstaff have revamped their London Spitalfields store, and oh boy, does it look pretty.

The brand has a rich history, ranging from the silver screen to bike racing, which they have showcased around the East London shop. 

They have worked on with award-winning designers Brinkworth Design. There are plenty of authentic touches including motorcycle trophies, helmets and racing memorabilia that are peppered around the store, along with plenty of Belstaff clothes and accessories.  

Attitude's fashion team went to have a sneak peek yesterday (February 21) to take a look at all things Belstaff.

In the 50s and 60s, when motorcycling was in its glory days, bikers would congregate in cafes, so there is a real community feel to their new store, emulating this era.

You can pop in for a coffee and hang out with your laptop in the store window, or even go for a G&T if the mood takes you.

This weekend (February 23-24), they have an Open House where you can bring in your leather jackets for renovation, including re-waxing, monograming and personalisation - there are even limited edition tees.

It's really great to see the full gamut of what Belstaff have to offer.  There were plenty of their exquisite leather jackets, that we already know and love, but they were styled with some great denim, knitwear and classic tees.

As well as opening their Spitalfield store at 16 Lamb St, London E1 6EA, Belstaff have released this cute little video of farmer Ben Andrews, who has graced the pages of Attitude Magazine. We're coming over all God's Own Country just watching it.