Benidorm: Philip Olivier and Jake Canuso in homoerotic grapple

Last night (January 9) saw the debut of current Attitude cover star Philip Olivier in hit ITV comedy Benidorm. Olivier turned up at The Solano as sexy cocktail waiter Jason, pleading for a job as a bartender, threatening the place of current bar heartthrob Matteo (Jake Canuso). Holding his ground, Matteo instigates a fight with Jason, and moments later the boys are wrestling and ripping each other's clothes off, prompting a significant portion of the audience to reach for a modesty-protecting cushion. In case you didn't catch Benidorm last night, here's what you missed: PhillipOlivierJakeCanuso1 PhillipOlivierJakeCanuso2 Benidorm airs Thursdays at 9pm on ITV.