Bethenny Frankel's most iconic Real Housewives moments


Love it or hate it, Real Housewives has become one of the most iconic TV franchises ever.

Its mix of drama, humour and sometimes heartbreakingly real moments has entertained viewers for over a decade now, and its popularity is showing no signs of decline.

Housewives have come and gone over the years, but New York star Bethenny Frankel will forever, at least in our eyes, remain the most legendary of them all. 

She's relentlessly honest, whether you like it or not, has the sharpest tongue known to man, and has never been afraid to show the more vulnerable side to her character.

She's always been the most real, and we thought we'd take a look back at some of her best gifable - that's a word, right? - moments: 

When the colleague you still can't remember the name of starts asking about your weekend:


When you have a quiet moment of reflection and think about your life choices:

When your parents ask when you're getting married:


When they ask you if you're even dating anyone right now:

When your friends judge you for the guy you pulled the night before:


When you find out your friend has already slept with the hot guy you just matched with on Tinder:


When you're on a first date and they ask you what your hobbies are:

When your friend's had one too many Skinny Girl vodkas and asks if it's okay to text their ex:

When your so-called "best friend" doesn't like your latest thirst trap on Instagram:

*Watches seventeen episodes of Real Housewives on Netflix*:

Your brain: