Big Brother's Aaron removed after exposing himself to male housemate

Big Brother continued to court controversy last night, as housemate Aaron Frew was removed from the show after drunkenly flashing fellow housemate Joel Williams. Show bosses confirmed yesterday that Aaron had been removed following an incident of "inappropriate behaviour" (May 28), and in scenes aired last night, viewers saw the 24-year-old booted from the Elstree compound after repeatedly exposing himself to 19-year-old Tory councillor Joel. aaronbb While some of the housemates were in the bedroom, a drunk-looking Aaron began to flash Joel his bottom and genitals, eliciting laughter from the housemates. Joel rebuffed him, saying: "Please stop it. Please stop it. Please return to your bed now. No, no, no. No I don't want to see your bottom." Undeterred, Aaron ran up to him naked and began making and thrusting motions while his back was turned. "This is insane! You need to control your behaviour," said Joel, before Aaron completely shed his towel and attempted to mount him as they stood on a bed. Big Brother soon called Aaron to the Diary Room, where they informed the former Calvin Klein model that he had "continued to be sexually provcative" despite Joel telling him to stop, adding they had "no other option" but to remove him form the house. While learning of his fate, a tearful Aaron said: "I'm sorry. Oh my God, I can't believe it.. I really didn't mean to take it that far."


Speaking to Big Brother after the incident, Joel admitted he felt "violated" by Aaron's behaviour.

"I feel really uncomfortable. To be totally honest, I think I would have ended up punching (Aaron)... I feel like my personal space was invaded..." he said.

He continued: "I want to emphasise I did nothing at all to entice or welcome that approach. I feel terribly awkward, if that makes sense, that I let that get that far...

"I don't want to be known as the person who welcomed on that sort of activity.... I felt my personal space was violated and.. I didn't know how to react to it because it's never happened to me before." Tweeting following his exit, Aaron thanked Big Brother for the "amazing opportunity", adding he would "never forget it". aarontwewt To check out the footage of the incident for yourselves, head over here. More stories: Are two male ‘Bachelorette’ contestants hooking up? Stereo Kicks’ Barclay Beales bares bum on Instagram