Big Brother's Aaron speaks out after exposing himself to housemate

Former Big Brother housemate Aaron Frew has spoken out about the controversial incident which saw him thrown out of the house last week (May 28). Viewers saw the former Calvin Klein model removed form the house after repeatedly exposing himself and making sexual gestures to fellow housemate Joel Williams, a 19-year-old Tory councillor. Bosses told him that he had “continued to be sexually provocative” despite Joel telling him to stop, adding they had “no other option” but to remove him from the show. aaronbb Aaron has now spoken out about the incident, admitting he did "cross a line" and apologising to Joel and his family. Asked to tell his side of the story, the 24-year-old told DigitalSpy: "There is no side to really say because what you've seen on TV is actually genuinely what did happen. I did get naked and I did continuously shake my manhood and my rear end in front of his face and I did cross the line and all I can say is I'm really sorry. "I want to apologise to Joel's family, if I've offended them, and I want to apologise to the nation if I offended anyone." Aaron said he had watched the footage back and understood the producers' decision to remove him, adding: "I look back at it now and I'm like, 'Why the hell did I do that Aaron? Why the hell did I do that?' But you live and learn. I've just learned that I need to cover up in future!" Of accusations he had been encouraged by his fellow housemates, he said: "Even though they were saying, 'Do this and do that', I did it off my own back. It was my little thing I had towards Joel and it was banter, but obviously Joel got offended and all I can say is sorry to him. That was not my intention to offend him in any way, shape or form." Finally, Frew explained that he hoped he hadn't irrevocably damaged his friendship with his former housemate, saying: "I haven't got any hard feelings towards Joel at all and I just hope that when he gets out we can have a one-to-one and kind of rekindle what we had in the house." More stories: Adam Levine bares all in new Maroon 5 video Justin Bieber kisses his bodyguard, insists he’s not gay