Bisexual man with two penises releases tell-all autobiography

The man who rose to fame after revealing that he has two penises has released his autobiography. The anonymous author, known as Diphallic Dude, will open up about his childhood and how he lost his virginity, as well as discussing the reaction he has had over the years. B6XUojBCUAASMk0 Double Header: My Life with Two Penises will also see him discuss his sexuality, after revealing that he is bisexual and in a relationship with a man and a woman. The press release for the book explained: "Diphallic Dude goes from discussing his childhood, and explains how he knew he was special at an early age. His parents support grounded him in his early youth. We find out how he lost his virginity and was exposed to his peers. "From there he discusses his wild streak of sexual adventures fresh out of high school. Recapping his favourite questions and answers, discussing sexuality and acceptance DDD covers the gamut." The autobiography is available to buy as an eBook through Amazon. More Stories: > Derbyshire man takes picture of ‘giant penis’ in the sky > Swedish ice cream company denies new lolly is ‘penis-like’