Blind transgender woman attacked by four teenagers after leaving a bus in Seattle

The teenagers have since been caught and placed in a juvenile detention centre


Words: Steve Brown

A blind transgender woman was attacked by four teenagers as she left a bus.

Earlier this week, the victim – who has not been identified – was sitting in front of a bus as it passed through the Seattle suburb of Tukwila.

Four teenagers were reportedly at the back of the bus and began taunting her. As she left the bus, she walked passed them and reportedly pepper-sprayed the teenagers – an illegal offence – but the group started following her.

They allegedly punched her and kicked her while hurling transphobic slurs towards her. One of the teens had a BB gun and another had a hatchet, but it’s reported neither weapon was used against her, the Seattle Times reported.

As the victim is legally blind, she was unable to fully describe her attackers but police found them and placed them into a juvenile detention centre.

She was taken to hospital for treatment for non-life threatening injuries.