Bobby Berk reveals Jonathan van Ness would hook up with any of the Queer Eye guys

The hair stylist is the only one of the Fab Five who is currently single


Bobby Berk says Jonathan van Ness would happily hook up with any of the Queer Eye guys.

Out of the Fab Five only one is currently single and the rest are either happily married, engaged or in a long term relationship, but according to the design expert their relationship statuses hasn’t stopped Jonathan trying to hook up with any of them.

In an exclusive interview in Attitude’s July issue, the Fab Five were asked if two had to hook up, who would it be and Bobby says: “Jonathan and everyone else.

“He would definitely just want us to run a train on him.”

Jonathan then interrupts and chimes to his defence saying: “That is categorically fucking false. I do not want to be used and abused by these ungrateful men.”

Bobby then reveals that the resident hair stylist has asked them all countless times to hook up.

Jonathan then goes on to reveal what he means by these propositions and claims he was only asking them all to marry him.

“What I really meant to say is: I want them all to marry me,” he said.

“I want to be all their husbands and be treasured. Then they can run a train on me.”

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