Bollywood actor to release X-rated photos to prove he's not gay

Bollywood star Sahil Khan has said that he will release "intimate photos" of himself with a woman to prove he's not gay. The 38-year-old actor, who's starred in Bollywood films such as Aladin and Style, says he will show explicit photos of himself with his former business partner to a court in order to disprove her claims that he is gay. Ayesha Shroff, who is married to actor Jackie Shroff, filed a case against Khan last year (November) alleging that he had cheated her out of Rs 5 crore (£522,586) during their business dealings. Khan had contested the claim, saying that she spent the money on him because they were having an affair, which Shroff countered by saying that Khan is gay. In response, Khan had requested the special ABA court at the Sessions Court for an in-camera trial in order to show the court "intimate photos" of the pair together. The 38-year-old told mid-day.com: "Yes, my lawyer has requested the court to hold an in-camera trial to reveal the truth because there are some intimate pictures of me and Ayesha which we have to show to the court. "Ayesha has said so many things about me — that I am gay and that we did not have physical relations — and she has left me no choice but to take all these things to the public." Responding to the actor's statement, Shroff said: "He is trying to sidetrack the fact that he has cheated me and owes me money. There cannot be any personal pictures for the simple reason that there was never a personal relationship. I think his ex-wife was the best person to clarify that. "I suggest you write a story on the truth as opposed to cooperating with his vile and disgusting lies." More stories: Thom Evans: ' I auditioned for '50 Shades of Grey' Sam Smith goes public with new boyfriend Jonathan Ziezel