Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor wants more gay-themed films

sonam_kapoor-wideActress Sonam Kapoor has urged Bollywood to make more gay-themed films - in order to improve India's attitude towards homosexuality. Gay sex is now a criminal offence in India after the country's Supreme Court ruled last December (2013) that the practice is "against the order of nature". Breaking the law can result in a prison sentence of up to ten years. Bollywood star Kapoor, 28, said in a recent interview that she believes the creation of more Bollywood films featuring homosexual relationships could play an important part in promoting tolerance and acceptance. "We’re regressing instead of progressing," Kapoor told the Press Trust of India. "I think movies can influence the way people think sometimes." "If we do start making love stories or we start making movies about people who are amazing human beings, people who have done something in life, people who are inspirational who aren’t necessarily only straight, I think people will start appreciating them more." Meanwhile, in  April India’s Supreme Court official recognised transgender individuals as a third gender. The ruling means that the transgender community will no longer have to identify as male or female in the public sphere.