Boyfriend of mother whose 10-year-old son died after saying he 'liked boys' arrested

Anthony Avalos suffered a head trauma and was rushed to hospital were he died the day after


The boyfriend of a woman whose 10-year-old son died of suspicious circumstances has been arrested.

Anthony Avalos died last Thursday after suffering a head trauma in his home in Los Angeles and the LA Times reported that social workers and police were told that the young boy was abused for years before his suspicious death.

And the young boy reportedly said he “liked boys” and detectives are looking into whether this played a role in his death after a long history of child abuse.

Now, the mother’s boyfriend Kareem Leiva has been arrested according to the sheriff’s department.

“During the course of their interview, suspect Leiva made statements that led investigators to arrest him for the murder of Anthony Avalos,” a statement from the LA County Sheriff’s Department read.

Leiva has yet to be charged as he is receiving medical treatment for a self-inflicted cut to his chest but he will be held on $2million bond.

Investigators believe Anthony suffered physical and emotional abuse, denial of food, general neglect, forced fights between children in the home and forced crouching for long periods of time.

It was also reported that he was allegedly sexually assault back in 2013 by his own grandfather.