Bruce McArthur has been charged with a seventh count of murder

The landscaper appeared in court over a video link


Suspected serial killer Bruce McArthur has been charged with a seventh count of murder.

The 66-year-old landscaper appeared in a Toronto courtroom by video link on Wednesday (11.04.18) to be charged with first-degree murder following the death of Abdulbasir Faizi - who disappeared in 2010.

McArthur was arrested and charged with the murders of two men in January, before being charged with the murders of four more men whose remains were found in the garden planters.

Police also revealed that they had found a naked man chained to a radiator on the morning of McArthur's arrest.

McArthur would troll bars in Toronto's Gay Village and use dating apps to find victims, predominately targeting Muslim men from South Asia or the Middle East, police say.

Faizi went missing in December 2010 and his family, who accessed his computer, were shocked when they found out he had been secretly going to bathhouses in the Gay Village.

During a press conference on Wednesday, a female relative said: "She [his wife] didn't know. He wasn't out.

"As far as she knows they were married and they were happy and he abandoned her and the daughters.

"For me at least there's a sense of relief because he didn't abandon anyone. He didn't run away."

In March CBC News reported, Faizi's remains were discovered in a garden planter at a Mallory Crescent home McArthur had worked at.

Police have been searching properties McArthur had worked at for remains after having found at least six other sets of remains, three of which were identified as belonging to Soroush Marmudi, Andrew Kinsman and Skandaraj Navaratnam.