Bruno Tonioli says 'b*****ks' live on Strictly Come Dancing and doesn't even realise

Bruno Tonioli swore on live TV last night without even realising. The Strictly Come Dancing judge was talking to frontrunner Jay McGuiness and used the phrase "bull's bollocks"; causing the crowd to erupt in shocked laughter and Darcey Bussell to hide her head in her hands. 2DBD8FBD00000578-3287900-image-a-22_1445715913112 Len Goodman also struggled to keep it together as Bruno obliviously continued with his critique, without realising what he'd said. It was only when Tess Daly sharply apologised for the language that Bruno clocked what had happened. "I would just like to apologise for Bruno’s language there, he just got a bit over-excited," she said. "Oh, I'm sorry, I did not realise," he replied. Ofcom lists the word as the seventh most offensive expletive, behind such gems as the C-word, “wanker” and even “twat”. Even “bastard” makes it into the Top 5. 2DBD8FA500000578-3287900-image-a-21_1445715905147 Strictly Come Dancing resumes tonight on BBC One.