Bus driver who refused to drive vehicle because it 'promoted homosexuality' suspended

Konectbus showed support for the LGBTQ community by featuring Pride colours


Words: Steve Brown

A bus driver who refused to drive a double-decker because it promoted homosexuality has been suspended.

In order to show support for the LGBTQ community, Konectbus – a bus company in Norwich – changed the route number to display rainbow colours instead.

While most enjoyed and praised the company for their inclusivity, one alleged bus driver insisted on swapping vehicles because it ‘promoted homosexuality’.

Passenger Rebecca Sears, 19, was waiting at Norwich Bus Station last week for the 501 park and ride service, however, she and other passengers were forced to wait while the driver refused to drive the Pride bus.

According to the Mirror Online, Sears said: “He said we have to wait a minute, he said I am not driving this bus because it promotes homosexuality.

“I was standing with two other women and we kind of thought he was joking, in a weird way. Like we were just thinking is it really that big of a deal.

“I thought it was all just quite bad, it made us 10 minutes late - which isn't bad when it’s more a legit reason, but for that sort of reason it is."

After the driver refused to drive the bus, Sears went to the bus station’s front desk and reported what happened.

She continued: “I said to them that he had gone to swap buses and that it is ridiculous because that is just a ridiculous reason.

“You are stopping people from getting home for such a ridiculous reason. It is really bad."

Now, the bus company has confirmed the driver in question has been suspended and an investigation is under way.