Caitlyn Jenner meets Hillary Clinton and trans protestors in 'I Am Cait' season 2 trailer

After 2015's I Am Cait documented the tentative first steps of Caitlyn Jenner in the weeks after she first publicly came out to the world, the show is back for a second season - this time following the 66-year-old as she adjusts to her polarising new position at as the world's most famous transgender woman. "I'm slowly coming into my womanhood," Jenner says in the trailer, over images of her meeting both US presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton as well as some of the trans rights protestors who she was caught on film confronting in November last year. "But it's a work in progress." "People need to know you're fighting for everybody," a friend later tells her. "Not just for the pretty ones." The former Olympian and reality star, who admitted earlier this month that she receives "more flak" for being Republican than she does for being transgender, seems keen to make amends for her perceived privilege, however. "I need to evolve as a person," she says. "There's just too much at stake to get it wrong." I Am Cait returns to US screens March 6 on E! More stories: Kylie Minogue moves to block Kylie Jenner’s ‘Kylie’ trademark application Dustin Lance Black tells Tom Daley to ‘stop texting’ his fiancé Tom Daley