Caitlyn Jenner to address parliament over diversity

The reality TV star will deliver a lecture to the UK government next week


Caitlyn Jenner will address the UK Parliament over diversity. 

Jenner, an outspoken Donald Trump supporter, will deliver a keynote diversity lecture to the UK government next week on May 9, Buzzfeed reports. 

The annual keynote lecture, which began three years ago to give high-profile celebrities opportunities to speak out on the importance of diversity, will be hosted by Channel 4 and take place in the House of Commons.

A Channel 4 spokesperson confirmed today (May 4) that Jenner would be the third person to deliver the lecture. 

They said: "The aim of the Channel 4 Diversity Lecture is to raise awareness and stimulate public debate about diversity issues.

"Caitlyn Jenner is one of the most high-profile transgender people in the world and her transition brought transgender issues into the mainstream, helping to stimulate debate and increase awareness." 

The last two celebrities to address parliament were British actors Riz Ahmed, who slammed the British entertainment industry for its lack of diversity and Idris Elba who stated that the "TV world" doesn't reflect the racial diversity of everyday life.