California school allows lesbian couple to run for prom king and queen

Over the weekend we reported that a lesbian couple were refused to run for prom king and queen because "it wasn't fair on the boys." Jim Bartow, the principal of Foothill High School in California, said that Haley lack and her girlfriend were only permitted to run for prom queen while boys run for prom king. Now, Towleroad reports that the couple have been given the all-clear to run for both prom king and queen after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) decided to step in and help the couple. In a letter to Bartow from the ACLU, Elizabeth Grill, the senior staff attorney at the organisation, says that by denying LGBT students the right to engage in activity that is regularly allowed by heterosexual couples is discrimination. She states, "The nomination form for prom king and queen allows students to nominate couples, and it is our understanding that different-sex couples are often nominated for and elected prom king and queen." "To prohibit same-sex couples from engaging in an activity regularly allowed [by] different-sex couples is discrimination based on sexual orientation." The school has said that it doesn't agree with the ACLU, but changed its mind to allow the students to run for prom king and queen. The couple have stated that they aren't sure they'll win, but they are nonetheless happy that they have won the fight for equality. "We were playing to not only change it for us but for the future LGBT kids and that's what we are so excited about," Haley said. More stories: Olly Alexander helps man propose to his boyfriend at Years & Years show Watch | Four gymnastic guys put on a display for Britain’s Got Talent