Calum McSwiggan's guide to painless anal sex

Anal sex can be a daunting prospect, particularly with little experience, but thankfully YouTube star Calum McSwiggan has published an online video to offer some advice on how to make the experience as painless and, more importantly, as enjoyable as possible. The 25-year-old, who chaired a panel of LGBT YouTubers at National Student Pride in London earlier this month, has released the latest in a series of gay sexual health videos, advising viewers on the “tender love and care” that’s required during a little bit of bedroom fun. “Welcome to my classroom. This is Gay Sex 101. Today we’re learning how to have painless anal sex,” he says. “Doing something different to your body for the first time is always going to be a little bit uncomfortable. But this pass with time and with experience.” Partnering with the It Starts With Me campaign, McSwiggan says he chose to make the videos to help address a gap of gay sex education throughout the school curriculum. “Sex is supposed to be about pleasure,” he adds. “And as soon as you discover that pleasure, you’ll wonder why you were ever worried about pain in the first place.” We recently caught up with Calum at National Student Pride, where we discussed everything from mental health in the LGBT community, to body shaming and his gay porn past - read our interview in full here. You can watch the video below: More stories: Gay soldiers’ first kiss as a married couple breaks the internet Is this The Game’s most explicit selfie yet? (NSFW)