Calum Scott releases new single 'Biblical' about exploring immeasurable love

It's the singer-songwriter's first single from his sophomore album of the same name.


Words: Alastair James; pictures: 'Biblical'

Calum Scott has released a soulful new single, ‘Biblical’ which speaks to a love that is immeasurable and giant in scale.

The single, accompanied by a beautiful and surreal video, comes from his album of the same name, which is due out later this year.

“It transcends across everyone and everything”

The song showcases Calum’s soulful voice and deeply personal song-writing and speaks to the extraordinary power of unconditional love.

Speaking in a trailer for the single, 'Dancing On My Own' singer Calum says: “Love is everywhere; it transcends across everyone and everything”.

He then asks: “How do you measure love if the love you feel for that person is immeasurable? It’s biblical proportions.”

Calum, who first spoke publicly about being gay in an interview with Attitude in 2016, adds: “I wanted to write a song about love in unquantifiable amounts. I think 'Biblical' sets the scene for that kind of love […] I’m so excited for the world to hear it, and for it to - hopefully – make a difference.”

The video, directed by Franklin & Marchetta, sees various characters (including a ballet dancer, a violinist, and a bride and groom) drift along in an underwater reverie.

By the end of the video, Scott has broken through a wall that separates him from the underwater world, becoming blissfully submerged as well.

Biblical is the first single from the multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter’s sophomore album.

His 2018 debut album Only Human topped the iTunes album chart in 21 countries world-wide, in addition to selling more than 3.6 million in album sales and amassing over 7.5 billion combined streams.

Watch the video for Calum Scott's 'Biblical' below: