Can you pick the Hollywood hunk under this amazing Halloween costume?

Colton Haynes, you've done it again. The 27-year-old star of teen dramas Arrow and Teen Wolf has garnered a reputation for donning elaborate Halloween costumes that render him unrecognisable - last year, he was Princess Fiona in Shrek. How has he topped it this year? By going as Ursula the Sea-Witch from The Little Mermaid. Take a look: https://instagram.com/p/9PvdI8DTMb/ https://instagram.com/p/9PwzD3DTOV/ https://instagram.com/p/9PyjgYDTBd/ Here's last year's costume, which Colton reposted several days ago and admitted would be 'hard to top'. We think you've managed it, Haynes: https://instagram.com/p/9KKmz1DTFR/ And just as a refresher, here he is when not dressed as a cartoon sea-witch or a swamp-dwelling ogre princess: https://instagram.com/p/8EU7-pjTAt/ https://instagram.com/p/6L_rnojTEC/ https://instagram.com/p/4Dhs5AjTEg/ More stories: Former rugby player reveals experience of racism on gay scene He’s a mouse, duh! Newly out Gus Kenworthy shows off Halloween outfit