'Canada's Drag Race': Scarlett BoBo says hateful fans 'need to take several seats'

"If we're not upset about how everything went down, then why are the fans?"


Canada's Drag Race is down to the final three: Scarlett BoBo, Rita Baga and Priyanka.

Scarlett BoBo is one of only a handful of queens in Drag Race herstory to make it to the final without ever having to lip-sync for their lives: We fear we may have missed out on some entertaining lip-syncs because Scarlett is a bonafide circus performer and we love us some acrobatic routines on the runway.

Ahead of the finale episode, which arrives on BBC iPlayer on Friday (4 September), Attitude chatted to the Scarlett Bobo the boisterous via Zoom...

You never had to lip sync until the final - congrats!

Thank you.

Is there anyone you would have loved to lip-sync against and sent home packing?

To be honest, all of them. Definitely. Who did I want to lip sync against? I think I want a challenge. So I'd say Tynomi. I would want a challenge for sure.

You were really concerned throughout the whole entire competition about never being at the very top. Looking back now, do you think that was completely unwarranted?

I wasn't at the very top, but I was topping my way up there, you know? I got a good trajectory. I was safe a few times, but I was mainly at the top for quite a bit of the competition. Before, I was really worried about it, because all these bitches kept making fun of me about it. Trying to get in my damn head, but they didn't, and it didn't work. Looking back, I was like, you know what? If I wasn't at the top, I was safe, and that was a pretty nice place to be for most of the competition, to be honest.

You have several drag mothers: Did they give you any advice before you went on the show?

"Don't come home until you win, and if you don't win, don't come home at all!"


Do you feel that the controversy with the judging put a dark cloud over the series at all?

I wouldn't say it necessarily put a dark cloud on the show, because we didn't let it. It did affect us a little bit. I know Rita and Ilona were getting it really bad from the fans. Then Jeffery Bowyer-Chapman was getting it pretty bad from the fans. But we, as a team collectively came together and was like, we're not going to let this happen because we didn't want it to overshadow the amount of fun that we had. We had a really great time on the show. Even though it was stressful and crazy, we start together as sisters and in the end, we're all gaining something really awesome. We didn't necessarily want it to overshadow the show, and I don't think it has necessarily, but I will say that the fans need to take several seats and pull it back a little bit. Because at the end of the day, if we're not upset about what happened on the show and how everything went down, then why are the fans so upset? You know what I mean?

Is there a WhatsApp group now with all of you kind of supporting each other?

Yeah, we may or may not have a secret little group chat going on. A support group chat.

Canada's Drag Race is available to watch now on BBC Three on the BBC iPlayer.