CBB's Courtney Act says she 'doesn't care' if anything happens with Andrew Brady

The RuPaul's Drag Race star has opened up about her relationship with the Apprentice hunk.


Celebrity Big Brother star Courtney Act has revealed she "doesn't care" if anything happens between her and Apprentice hunk Andrew Brady.

In scenes from Wednesday night's episode of the Channel 5 reality series (January 24), the RuPaul's Drag Race star was seen talking to Wayne Sleep about her relationship with Brady. 

Sleep quizzed the reality star on Brady's sexuality before he asked Act if she "wants his body". 

She replied: "Yeah of course I do. I think he is how I wish more men would be.

"I think him and I have a very special friendship. I've been in so many situations where I've been puppy dog over a boy, but the thing I love about him is I think we're like puppy dog over each other." 

Sleep disagreed, saying: "No, you're on top." 

Courtney, real name Shane Jenek, then joked: "I've never had that before." 

Wayne continued the conversation and hinted that the Apprentice hunk "loves" her. He said: "Do you know why he loves you? Because he's learning from you. Isn't that lovely?" 

He added: "Whether it happens or it doens't-"

But Act cut in and stated: "I don't even care about that. I don't care about that."

From sharing 'romantic' baths to play fighting and waxing bums, Brady and Act have struck up a very close relationship and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Meanwhile, former Conservative politician Ann Widdecombe is set to make reality TV history after becoming the favourite to win the show ahead of Courtney Act. 

Celebrity Big Brother continues weekdays on Channel 5.