Celebrating the hotness of Matthew McConaughey

So, Matthew McConaughey is an Oscar winner. The actor picked up the coveted Best Actor prize at last night's (March 2) Academy Awards. To celebrate McConaughey's success, we thought it fitting to look back at some of his hottest moments. It would be rude not to really, don't you think? matthew-mcconaughey-dolce-and-gabbana Thankfully, Matthew has no problem getting his top off. As seen here in Fool's Gold. o-MATTHEW-MCCONAUGHEY-570 Magic Mike is just the gift that keeps on giving. 1337193627_magic-mike-article magic-mike-still04 And one more for good luck... bbb_6 Congratulations, Matthew! You can take a look at his Dallas Buyers Club co-star and fellow Oscar winner Jared Leto looking hot here. > Thanking the world for Jamie Dornan > Russell Tovey. Backstage. In his pants.