Celebrities make a stand against anti-LGBT violence in Brazil with new charity single - WATCH

A number of celebrities have come together to make a stand against anti-LGBT violence in Brazil. Despite offering same-sex marriage and hosting one of the world's largest Pride festivals, Brazil is one of the most dangerous places for LGBT people as it has the highest LGBT murder rate in the world. Now, to combat the violence, Brazilian pop singer and activist Yann has collaborated with over 25 other artists including Britney Spears, Céline Dion, Demi Lovato, Lorde, Boy George and Melanie C for a charity single and music video. The song, entitled 'Igual', will act as the theme song for Rio Pride later this year and all proceeds from the single's sales and streaming will be donated to the NGO Grupo Arco-Iris to help towards Brazil's LGBT community. In a statement, Yann said: "Unfortunately, most of the world isn't aware that Brazil is an incredibly dangerous place for the LGBT community." "It was important for me to help shine a stronger light on what's happening here, because Brazil's actually the country with the highest LGBT murder rate in the world. Yet, all of this is disguised under our dichotomous liberal lifestyle." The single is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify. Watch the music video below: More stories: Jake Shears: ‘If all you’re giving the world is your body on Instagram – f**k off’ Attitude’s Masculinity survey reveals almost 75% of gay men are turned off by effeminate guys