Celebrity Big Brother: Stephen Bear accused of homophobia in row with Frankie Grande

Just hours after Christopher Biggins was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house over his remarks about AIDS, bisexuals, and the Holocaust, another row has embroiled the infamous Elstree compound. This time it's housemate Stephen Bear who finds himself at the centre of controversy, after becoming involved in an argument with Frankie Grande about food. Sunday night's episode (August 7) saw the pair get into a furious clash over food when Stephen decided to use all the house's coffee to make a 'cocktail' which also included cornflakes and orange juice. A lees-than-impressed Frankie raged: "Are you fucking kidding me, he’s a fucking terror, he’s an immature arsehole." To which Stephen replied: "You're angry, don't be angry pussy cat, you're my pussy cat." It all went downhill from there as Frankie asked: "Are you calling me a pussycat because I’m gay?" The 33-year-old brother of US pop singer Ariana Grande continued: "Don't f**king call me a pussy cat, I'm not your anything. "I’m your worst nightmare now. There’s a very small majority of people in this house that actually want you here." Viewers were left divided over the row, with some branding Bear's comments homophobic, and others criticising Frankie Grande for "playing the gay cared" and taking offence where none was meant. While viewers might have been split on whether the term 'pussycat' can indeed be considered homophobic, some questioned whether Bear would have used the same term to describe any of his fellow straight male housemates. Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5. More stories: Forget Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber's full-frontals have leaked Olympic torch relay pauses for gay kiss