Celebrity Big Brother's Andrew and Shane flash their bums in the pool

The Apprentice star has grown even closes to the Drag Race queen in recent weeks


Celebrity Big Brother got a little X-rated last night (Janauary 23rd). 

Andrew and Shane's friendship has continued to entertain viewers throughout the series, and they've been growing closer and closer in recent days.

Earlier this week, viewers rushed to gush about the pair cuddling in the garden, and last night the pair decided to throw a little nudity in for good measure. 

While hanging out in the pool, Andrew and Shane were joking around and decided to press themselves up against the pool filters in a bid to get a "hickey". 

They flashed the results of their attempt at their housemates, before running to the sauna to take a look for themselves. 

These two are so ridiculous and we're loving every second. 

Earlier in the week, viewers watched as the pair snuck into the bathroom and made rustling sounds before Andrew commented: "Don't get f***ing lipstick on me."

"There you go," the Apprentice star continued, before Courtney asked: "Where should I put it?"

"There's the..." Andrew responded, adding: "Push it in." 

As they left the loo, the former BBC star joked: "Yeah, I know. Oof, my d***'s hurting after that."

Watch the pair chat about their flirty friendship below: