Charity Kase on 'vibe' RuPaul wasn't into her drag and where she stands on Scarlett 'rivalry'

Exclusive: Charity joins Attitude and Tia Kofi to spill the tea on the latest episode of Tea Time in association with TAIMI.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: BBC

Charity Kase has broken her silence after being the latest queen to exit Drag Race UK - and shared that she was going to be "the devil" for Snatch Game.

The star, who is the fourth queen to be eliminated, joined Attitude and Tia Kofi to ru-veal all on Tea Time in association with TAIMI, the LGBTQ Dating, Chat and Social Network App.

The queen discussed her "rivalry" with fellow queen Scarlett Harlett (don't fret, they're still friends), the judges not understanding her drag and feeling a sense of "relief" now her exit episode is out.

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"There's so much pressure in the competition - you're being judged from so many different angles," the star said. "It's just nice to have that done now. Also it's been so long coming, and I've been dreading this episode!"

On Scarlett, Charity explained: "I've been underestimating her. And I know her very well and we're really good friends.

"But that first episode, I came in with saying, like, I'm surprised you're in the top... That was never meant to be, like, malicious, I was just making TV. But I think that ended up being a bit of a rivalry between the two of us."

The pair then smoothed things over "until I didn't go with her on that mini challenge, which was obviously a poor decision on my behalf. But I was just in the moment, I honestly can't even remember that happening!"

Asked by Tia if she felt the judges didn't "get" her drag, Charity said: "My drag is very out of the box. I knew that going in. My drag isn't for everybody. I've got eyes. I know what I look like."

The star also said: "I did put a lot of work into it so it was disheartening to not get the validation I guess I was craving."

She continued: "I got the vibe that, like, my drag just wasn't what he [RuPaul] was into, and that's OK. Like, he's the main judge."

On discussing her HIV status on the show, Charity explained: "I've always been very open about my status for the last few years. I try to use my platform to, like, educate in general. Especially around things I know about, and that is my experience."

She added: "I've discussed it on multiple platforms. Obviously this is a massive deal because it's the BBC! So it feels amazing, I feel really accomplished. I feel proud, like what I've done has made genuine change in the world. I feel like that episode made so many conversations happen with families."

"The response has been incredible," she continued. "I've had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of messages of love and support."

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RuPaul's Drag Race UK continues Thursday nights from 7pm on BBC Three in the UK.