Chaz Bono denounces JK Rowling’s 'dangerous' transphobic outbursts

The die-hard Harry Potter fan is no longer under the author’s spell.


Chaz Bono says JK Rowling completely lost her magic when she shared her controversial views about the transgender community online.

A self-confessed Harry Potter obsessive, the actor and trans activist even has a tattooed tribute to the books.

“For me personally, it’s been really difficult because I happen to be a Potter fanatic – I’ve got a tattoo on my leg of three of the [Hogwarts] houses,” Chaz begins.

“When the person who writes your favourite series of books about oppressed people decides to start oppressing you, it’s very strange, it doesn’t make any sense, it’s hard to wrap your head around.”

The 51-year-old American Horror Story and Curb Your Enthusiasm star stresses that Rowling’s comments could have very real consequences for trans people.

“On a personal note, it just sucked, but politically it’s dangerous because I don’t think people realise that she’s just regurgitating the same debunked things that people have been saying about us for 30 years,” he continues.

“It’s just wrapped up in a new package with a zillion Twitter followers."

Taking part in the award-winning ‘A Gay and a Nongay’ podcast, hosted by James Barr and Dan Hudson, Chaz also dissects the differences between transphobia in the UK, and over in the States.

“Our opponents come in a package that we understand very much, which is the religious right, and that’s what it’s always been for LGBT+ people, so we know and understand our opponent,” he explains.

“I’m still trying to wrap my brain around… white, privileged feminists in the UK, thinking somehow transgender women are a threat to their rights and existence.

“They’re trying to address a problem that doesn’t exist. They’re looking at transgender women like they’re men, and transgender men like they’re women – and we’re not.”

Chaz – son of music legend Cher and Sonny Bono – maintains that people just need to listen to the stories of trans people.

“Get to know us. Anybody who’s around me for two seconds will know that I’m a man, there’s nothing female about me,” he says.

“Transgender people are transgender people, I was never a lesbian, nor was I ever a woman, I was always transgender, I just took time to figure it out.”

James Barr and Dan Hudson’s ‘A Gay and a Nongay’ podcast is available on all streaming platforms from today (2 September).