Cher attempting to explain her own tweets is the best thing you'll see today - WATCH

The Queen of Emojis takes a look back at her most iconic Twitter output.


Words: Will Stroude

Many criticise the advent of social media for creating a generation of disconnected screen addicts who can't form a sentence of more than 240 characters.

Of course, the wisers among us realise that any of these downsides are outweighed 10 times over by the joy Cher's Twitter feed has brought to the world over the last few years.

Whether she's branding Donald Trump a "loudmouth asshole who's scared of windy days" or questioning what's going on with her own career, Cher's emoji-laden stream of conciousness has provided an endless source of iconic moments.

Now, Twitter HQ have sat down with the lady herself to look back at some of her most iconic and puzzling posts - and it's the best thing you'll see on the internet today.

Cher gives a world exclusive interivew in the October issue of Attitude - out now

From joking that she'd marked the birthday of long-time rival Madonna by getting a colonic to revealing that her "overwhelmed" iPad had frozen after being touched by a "fabulous diva", Cher - who released her camp-as-tits album of ABBA covers, Dancing Queen, last Friday (28 September) - explains exactly what was going through her mind when she pressed send.

As it turns out, sometimes she's a clueless as the rest of us...

Read Cher's world exclusive interview in the October issue of Attitude, out now.

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