Cher drops madcap new track 'Ooga Boo' and we're obsessed - WATCH

Four years on from the release of her 25th studio album Closer to the Truth, Her Royal Highness Cher has blessed us all with new music - though perhaps not in the way you might expect. The legendary singer has unveiled brand new track 'Ooga Boo', an irresistible slice of trap-pop espousing the virtues of being true to yourself. Oh, and she delivers it as a six-breasted cartoon alien. Yep, the track has been recorded animated Netflix show Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh, on which Cher voices an extra-terrestrial pop star Chercophonie. As you do. Try as you might, you will be singing it for the rest of the week. Cher, who recently confirmed that a musical about her life will hit Broadway next year, shared a picture of alien counterpart on Twitter last week, confirming that she's as much a diva as the woman herself. CHERCOPHONIE SINGING HER BIG HIT“OGGA BOO”THROUGH THE GALAXY…… SPACE LIMO WAITINGTO TAKE HER 2 GIG," the 71-year-old wrote. Consider us hooked. Check out Chercophonie in all her six-breasted glory below: More stories: God’s Own Country stars talk gay sex scenes and Brokeback comparisons Steve Grand opens up about addiction struggle in Attitude’s September issue