Cher slammed by Twitter followers for 'backing' Brexit

The results of the EU referendum came in today and the UK is set to leave the European Union. But now pop legend Cher was attacked by her followers on Twitter for 'backing' Brexit. Taking to Twitter, Cher wrote: "Glued to Brexit results with friends. 'Leaves' have won. Friends say immigration played a part in vote. Pray it's best decision for all UK people." Her followers then assumed she was backing Brexit and quickly slammed her. One user replied with one user telling her to "shut up". Cher was quick to respond by saying she "wants best for UK people" because the US didn't love Sonny and Cher until they hit the UK. Fans continued tweeting her saying, "immigrants aren't the problem". She replied by saying, "Please don't expect me to know about situation that's split a country 50/50. Someone said immigration had something to do with 'leave' side". Cher continued to defend herself, stating that they have her "so wrong". "You think I could possibly condone anything that would harm UK people? Hate me for ignorance but not for lack of caring", she tweeted. Followers still refused to give up and Cher stated that she simply meant she "prayed it was best for UK people" in the original tweet. When her followers finally believed her, she tweeted one last time saying: "How could I have been so blind? I've been so frightened by shadows being cast by extreme right wing politicians in America I forgot about the world." The UK voted to leave the European Union  by 52% to 48% and during David Cameron's resignation speech, he cited gay marriage as a 'big step' in his legacy. More stories: Making history: Prince William appears on the cover of Attitude Liam Gallagher slammed for homophobic tweet just days after Orlando shooting