Cher to Wurst: 'You deserve a lovelier name and wig'

Cher has taken to Twitter to offer some advice to Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst. The bearded drag queen, real name Tom Neuwirth, clinched victory for Austria at the annual Song Contest on Saturday (May 10) by an impressive winning margin of 52 points. Cher, who has inspired one or two drag queens in her time, tweeted earlier today (May 12). Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 16.23.23 Keen to make clear she was not perceived to be "throwing shade", Cher then tweeted a message of support to Neuwirth/Wurst - and recalled the times she and her late husband Sonny Bono were judged for their appearance in the 1960s. Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 16.26.16 Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 16.31.03 Explaining why she had decided to share her views on Wurst, Cher then added: "Didn't C Eurovision! Some Friends were making fun of him & I Felt I Had 2 Speak back 2 Them & up 4 Him. The Way Some1 Looks is Not a Threat." She rounded off her tweeting spree by saying: "Look...I can b Bitch,Talk Trash,& Feel Ashamed. NOTICING "SHAME"MAKES U "TRY"...THEN "DO"BETTER!! Being Aware & trying 2 Do Better IS THE (key emoji). Meanwhile, Conchita Wurst's winning Eurovision song Rise Like a Phoenix has become the most downloaded track on Russian iTunes following her victory at the annual Song Contest on Saturday night. Dutch duo storm iTunes chart after Eurovision performance Austria’s Conchita Wurst wins Eurovision Song Contest Conchita Wurst wants world where you don't have to discuss sexuality