Chris Colfer blasts Donald Trump for being a 'click hole' and praises Clinton

It seems Chris Colfer has had one busy year. The former Glee star, who makes a cameo appearance in the Absolutely Fabulous movie, has achieved critical success as an author with his fantasy series The Land of Stories. But according to the Huffington Post he's been dabbling in politics recently, helping to turn the vote and raise money for Hillary Clinton who he's looked up to and supported for years. Speaking to SiriusXM Progress Colfer said, "Being a child in the 90s, I grew up in a very conservative household." "All of my family were Republican - they're still Republican. Our dinner table arguments should be filmed, because they're so hysterical. She was constantly on the news for being ambitious." Source: Telegraph "I remember even as a kid people were labelling her as, 'How dare this first lady be ambitious?' like it was a negative quality. And I remember seeing how many times she was publicly told, 'No, you can't do that. No, no, no.'" "And she always said, 'Yes, and... yes...' I remember as a kid secretly looking up to her. I think she's quite extraordinary." Colfer then slammed Trump for getting too much attention and calls him a 'click hole'. He sad, "If I'm gonna have a voice politically, I want it to be positivity for Hillary. I don't want it to be negativity for Donald Trump because I feel like people get trapped in that." "As soon as you say something negative about Trump that's all that people post, that's all that people write. Because he's a click hole." Well, that's one way to put it. Colfer's fifth novel from The Land of Stories series is set for a release this year. More stories: Grand Theft Auto goes gay with new Pride modification Theresa May: What you need to know about the LGBT rights record of Britain’s next PM