Chris Crocker sells 'Leave Britney Alone' video for $41,000 to fund transition

Star will also use the money to care for their grandmother


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: YouTube/Instagram/ItsChrisCrocker

Chris Crocker has sold their famous 'Leave Britney Alone' video at auction for a cool $41,000.

The adult star, who identifies as transgender, says they plan to use the money from Monday's sale to fund their gender transition and care for their grandmother.

Internet sensation Chris shot to fame in 2007 with the clip in question, one of the first online to go viral. In it, they offered a passionate, tear-filled defense of 'Toxic' singer Britney Spears, who was being hounded by the media and public at the time.

Chris opened up about selling the video as a non-fungible token - essentially a certificate of ownership for something that is digital as opposed to physical - in an interview with Business Insider.

"In a box for the next 14 years"

They told the outlet of the sale: "I would absolutely put that towards, like, me being able to become myself," adding: "that's why I've always been scared to do the baby steps very slowly, because I was like, well, if I can't afford the full [transition], my safety is really gonna be a concern.

"People are very backward, and I already stick out for being feminine. So I've always thought if I am going to do it and still be here and live around my family, I have to go, like, all the way."

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The 33-year-old explained that they made little money from the video, as it was initially posted on MySpace and not monetised on YouTube.

"I didn't really get anything from [the video] other than to be put in a box for the next 14 years," they said.

Chris added that "the real reason [I sold it is because] I felt like I took a lot of hits — you know, literal hits," including being physically "assaulted at gay clubs," receiving death threats, and feeling the gay community was "embarrassed" by them. 

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