Chris Lowell "frustrated" by portrayal of gay people on TV and in movies

Veronica Mars actor Chris Lowell has admitted that he finds the representation of gay people on television and in movies 'frustrating'. The 30-year-old - who recently wrote, produced and directed new film Beside Still Waters - said that gay characters are often "loud caricatures". Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.21.27 Speaking to Rage Monthly, he said: "I get very frustrated at how LGBTs are portrayed in movies and on television. Often times, they’re just broad, foppish, loud caricatures. He added that he wanted the gay character in his latest film to go against those "tropes". "I wanted to have a character in the film that went against those tropes. On top of that, I didn’t feel it necessary to explain why he 'has to be gay', which is something, for some stupid reason, that film and television seems to think they need an explanation for," he explained. Beside Still Waters is a comedy-drama which focuses on a young man struggling to find closure after the death of his parents. Lowell is also known for his roles in Enlisted, Private Practice and The Help. More Stories: > ‘Modern Family’ stars respond to ’80s stereotype’ criticism > Freddie Fox teases ‘Cucumber’ character: ‘He’s been hard-wired to f**k’